Bring Them Back Home: Return the Parthenon Marbles Permanently to Greece

Greece's new prime minister Kyriakos Mistotakis is in the process of issuing a formal request to have the stolen Parthenon Marbles "loaned" to Greece, while reiterating its call to have the sculptures permanently returned. In exchange, the Prime Minister is offering to loan the British Museum treasures which have never been seen outside of Greece. 

This month, France returned a marble piece of the Parthenon which had been on display at the Louve for 200 years, in exchange for such a temporary display of precious Greek artifacts. The Greek government hopes the Board of Trustees of the British Museum will follow suit. 

The British Museum, however, has said that it would refuse a loan unless Greece "relinquishes its ownership rights and acknowledges the British Museum’s ownership.

The British Museum should allow Greece to display the Marbles for its upcoming bicentennial independence anniversary and should ultimately return the stolen artifacts to Greece. 

Sign our petition to the British Museum's Board of Trustees and add your voice to #BringThemBackHome!