Tell UNESCO to protect Hagia Sophia

Turkey's authoritarian President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has again stated his desire to turn the UNESCO World Heritage Site Hagia Sophia into a mosque. 

Currently, Hagia Sophia is a museum. As a World Heritage Site, it is open to all and appreciated for its stunning architecture and history, including its history as a Byzantine era basilica. But Erdogan is now again adding his voice to the movement to convert Hagia Sophia into a mosque, saying in a March interview that it was possible to "change its name from museum to Hagia Sophia Mosque."

The Greek government has responded:

"It is not only a great temple of Christendom — the largest for many centuries — it also belongs to humanity. It has been recognized by UNESCO as part of our global cultural heritage," Greek Foreign Minister George Katrougalos said.

This is just the latest in a series of attempts to convert Hagia Sophia into a mosque. The Turkish government has already supported recent prayers at Hagia Sophia, and other government officials are on record as saying that the museum should be converted. 

Send a letter to UNESCO demanding that it issue a statement in support of Hagia Sophia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The more attention we bring to this "creeping conversion" of Hagia Sophia, the more likely it will be that we will succeed in protecting and preserving this historic site. 

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3364 2 days ago Maria Constantinidis Flushing, NY , US
3363 5 days ago Cyntha Resare Hernando, Florida, FL , US Save Hagia Sophia as a church and as originally built. We must stop destroying our history and the religious roots of much of the world.
3362 5 days ago Erophylia Castrissios Brisbane, ot , AU The Sacred Temple Of The Holy Wisdom Of God in Constantinople was originally built and used as a place of worship for Greek Orthodox Christian faithful and should be returned to its former glory by ...
3361 6 days ago Joanna Kufedjian Montreal, QC , CA
3360 1 week ago Marina Harlow Brooklyn, NY , US
3359 1 week ago Anonymous Harrisburg, PA , GR
3358 1 week ago Regina CHODANOWICZ PARIS , ot , FR
3357 1 week ago Anonymous GR
3356 2 weeks ago Anonymous Skogås, ot , SE
3355 3 weeks ago Outi Piiroinen-Backman TUUSULA, ot , FI Due to its history Hagia Sofia should and must be open to all people, who want to visit it!!!
3354 3 weeks ago Andrew Miledonis Syracuse, NY , US
3353 4 weeks ago Fotini Kollias Allen park, MI , US
3352 4 weeks ago Axel SAVARY Arras, IL , FX Because it is one of our heritage from the past, we must protect it.
3351 4 weeks ago Kevin Walthall BREMERTON, WA , US
3350 4 weeks ago Joshua Zeimet Fort Wayne, IN , US Please help protect the Hagia Sophia. In addition to being of deep spiritual, cultural, and emotional importance to the Orthodox faith, it is also a crucial window into a specific period of history....
3349 4 weeks ago Asterios Papadimitriou Thessaloniki, MO , GR
3348 4 weeks ago Asterios Papadimitriou Thessaloniki, MO , GR
3347 4 weeks ago Alexander Monin Moscow, RU
3345 4 weeks ago Ivan Valov Cape Coral , FL , US
3344 4 weeks ago Peter Kraniotakis FLUSHING, NY , US
3343 4 weeks ago Anonymous Brisbane Qld, ot , AU Keep Agia Sofia and have Her restored to Her Former Glory, with all Her Icons, and the Walls restored!!!! Only then will I visit to see this Glorious Church.
3342 4 weeks ago B Basman Chessington, GB
3341 1 month ago Попков Виталий Irkutsk, RU
3340 1 month ago Anita Lambieva-Mihaylov Grosse Pointe, MI , US
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