Sign the Petition: No F35s for Turkey

Turkey has become an “ally” in name only.  Neither friend nor foe, it continues to destabilize the eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East, by threatening American allies and strategic partners in the region, intimidating Western energy companies operating in Cyprus' Exclusive Economic Zone, and even suggesting it might attack U.S. forces. Yet Turkey thinks it should be rewarded for its bad behavior with America's top fighter jet technology, the F-35 fighter jets.

Not just that, but Turkey thinks that not only should it be allowed to continue with its purchase of these fighter jets, it thinks it's appropriate for it to also continue its purchase of Russia's S-400 air defense system. US and NATO officials have warned Turkey that integrating that advanced anti-aircraft missile system with F-35 technology would be incredibly dangerous, "compromis[ing] the jet’s security, as any data collected by the air defense system and obtained by Russia could help expose the joint strike fighter’s vulnerabilities." Despite this warning, in early February, Turkey declared its intent to continue its controversial purchase of the S-400 air defense system. 

Please join us and our partners at the Armenian National Committee and sign our petition to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick M. Shanahan asking them to prevent the deliver of F-35s to such an unreliable ally.

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2384 5 months ago Anonymous Brooklyn, NY
2383 1 year ago Theo Harris Towson, MD I am writing to you to pre-selling armaments to an unreliable Ally like turkey
2382 1 year ago Jo Ann Chokos Ft. Lee, NJ
2381 1 year ago Jo Ann Chokos Ft. Lee, NJ
2380 1 year ago Seeran Zartarian-Mizii Denver, PA Turkey cares only about Turkey.

I believe Turkey needs to come to terms with their past, before they are able to move forward.

Turkey needs to ask for forgiveness, to be forgi...
2379 1 year ago Mike Atzemis Zografou , ot GREECE
2378 1 year ago Peter Kraniotakis FLUSHING, NY
2377 1 year ago Michael Lankford-Stokes Red Bank, NJ
2376 1 year ago Chris Vasilios Williamson Queens, NY It will not be wise to supply Turkey with the F-35, while Turkey continues it's counter West policies in the region. Turkey is not a true partner of the West, as it persues objectives that are not i...
2375 1 year ago Michael Dovellos Schererville, IN
2374 1 year ago Georghios Tsiliakos Athens, ot Turkey gradually becomes a dangerous rogue and revisionist state which destabilizes eastern Mediterranean and Balkan Area.It combines huge armament preparations and defence industry investments with...
2373 1 year ago Anonymous Athens, ot
2372 1 year ago Anonymous Aliso Viejo, CA erDOGan is a great threat to Greece, to Christians, to Europe, and to the USA! Do not allow this purchase! The current Turkish leader erDOGan is a danger to his people which includes ethnic Kurds. H...
2371 1 year ago Anonymous Belmont, MA
2370 1 year ago Michael Lygnos Clearwater, FL The current Turkish leader Erdogan is a danger to his people which includes ethnic Kurds. He allowed violence against Christians and threatens his NATO neighbor Greece. F35 fighters should be withhe...
2369 1 year ago william Bitsas Pella, IL
2368 1 year ago George Economides Montgomery Village, MD
2367 1 year ago Maria Grover Pasadena, CA
2366 1 year ago Anonymous istanbul, NY A strong Turkish army is a real threat for the region.. do not allow this happen.
2365 1 year ago Nina Zarifopoulos Morton grove, IL Do not trust Erdogan. No jets for Turkey .
2364 1 year ago Andreas Spyropoulos Nottingham, ot
2363 1 year ago Tom Stratis Marblehead, MA It is unnecessary for me to provide further reason than you already know as to why we should not sell jets or any arms to a false democracy like Turkey, with all its human rights violations.
2362 1 year ago Anonymous Melville, NY People’s and country’s safety are the priorities. Do not allow Turkey to purchase F-35 jets under any circumstances.
2361 1 year ago Nick Giannakas Norwood, NJ
2360 1 year ago Antony Xenios Henderson, NV
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