Bring the Olympics Back Home to Greece

The first modern Olympics were held in Athens in 1896. Since then, Greece has called for the Olympics to be permanently brought back home to Greece. 

Commentators have also repeatedly called for making Greece the permanent home of the summer Olympics, citing the corruption in the host city bidding process and the cost to cities to host the Olympics. Read what they're saying here.

As Paul Glastris wrote in The Washington Monthly this summer, "The problem is that hosting the Olympic games in a different city every year is unnecessary and, as a matter of basic management, moronic. For one thing, it’s incredibly expensive. [...] Shifting the games every four years is also a colossal waste of human capital..."

There are many options that have been proposed, from having Greece be one of a set of permanent homes for the Olympics to having the Olympics in Greece with a different city taking on hosting responsibilities each time. Whatever the idea may be, it's clear that the current bidding and hosting process is broken, and that bringing the Olympics back home to Greece can and should be part of the solution. 

Please sign our letter to the International Olympic Committee calling on it to explore bringing the Olympics back home to Greece. 

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4741 4 weeks ago Vasili Courialis GR
4740 4 weeks ago Despina Christakis , US
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4723 4 weeks ago Anonymous , US Olympics should and always remain in GREECE
4722 4 weeks ago lizzy Robson GR
4721 4 weeks ago Cyndi Kyriacou US
4720 4 weeks ago Athens Kollias , GR We have the venues. With proper management and big sponsors I believe the Olympics should return to her homeland permanently.
4719 4 weeks ago eleni athanasiadis , US
4718 4 weeks ago Demetri Kafkis , CA
4717 4 weeks ago Afrodite Bair US
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