Bring the Olympics Back Home to Greece

The first modern Olympics were held in Athens in 1896. Since then, Greece has called for the Olympics to be permanently brought back home to Greece. 

Commentators have also repeatedly called for making Greece the permanent home of the summer Olympics, citing the corruption in the host city bidding process and the cost to cities to host the Olympics. Read what they're saying here.

As Paul Glastris wrote in The Washington Monthly this summer, "The problem is that hosting the Olympic games in a different city every year is unnecessary and, as a matter of basic management, moronic. For one thing, it’s incredibly expensive. [...] Shifting the games every four years is also a colossal waste of human capital..."

There are many options that have been proposed, from having Greece be one of a set of permanent homes for the Olympics to having the Olympics in Greece with a different city taking on hosting responsibilities each time. Whatever the idea may be, it's clear that the current bidding and hosting process is broken, and that bringing the Olympics back home to Greece can and should be part of the solution. 

Please sign our letter to the International Olympic Committee calling on it to explore bringing the Olympics back home to Greece. 

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4653 4 months ago Ryan Pangilinan US Look what has been happening to every single olympic site post Olympics, they tend to be abandoned and desolate. In addition, it places a financial toll on the host city and the people that live the...
4652 5 months ago Ioannis Stoupis GB Bring the Olympics Back Home to Greece!
4651 5 months ago Georgios Kakavelos , US Bring the Olympics back home where they should ALWAYS be.
4650 5 months ago Stephen Aiena US And the Olympic village could serve as a tourist destination (e.g., a "history of the Olympics" theme park) when not used for competition.
4649 5 months ago Nikos Mouyiaris , US
4648 5 months ago VICKIE TSIAKLIDES , UM
4647 6 months ago Jason Vergados , US
4646 6 months ago Constantinos Mikelis , US
4645 6 months ago Thomas Panageas , US
4644 6 months ago Duke Fonias , AU Bring the Olympics Back Home to Greece.
4643 6 months ago Bill Geronatsios , GR
4642 6 months ago Evan Myrianthopoulos , US
4641 6 months ago Elpis Zervas GR
4640 6 months ago James Janos , US
4639 6 months ago Anonymous , GR
4638 6 months ago George Mallios , US Bring the games back to Greece!!!
4637 7 months ago Ιωάννης Λαμπρακος AU
4636 7 months ago John Labrakos , AU
4635 7 months ago Erick Pitsikalis HN Make Greece permanent host for the Olympics every 4 years!!
4634 7 months ago John Krigos , CA A child always needs his mother!!!!! Back to Greece!!!!!
4633 7 months ago Anonymous US We urge you to please bring back the Olympic Games to their permanent home!
4632 7 months ago Amy Herberts GB It needs to go back.
4631 7 months ago Phillip Wheat GR
4630 8 months ago john giannakopoulos US Great idea !! What a beautiful country!
4629 8 months ago Panayiotis Poulopoulos CY
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