Ask the International Religious Freedom Caucus to issue a statement in support of Hagia Sophia

Daily reading of the Quran at Hagia Sophia? That's what Turkey is proposing:

On Monday, the Foreign Ministry in Athens condemned the decision by Turkish authorities to allow a daily reading from the Quran to be broadcast from Hagia Sophia during the holy Muslim month of Ramadan, describing it as “verging on bigotry” and “not compatible with modern, democratic and secular societies.”

“Muslim rituals in a monument of world cultural heritage are incomprehensible and reveal a lack of respect for and connection with reality,” the statement said.

This is on top of the report last year that a commission in Turkish parliament is considering an application by citizens to turn the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul into a mosque, the bill that has been introduced in parliament to restore Hagia Sophia to a "symbol of the Conquest of Istabul" and in November, and Turkey's deputy prime minister promising that the building would be "smiling" again as a mosque soon.

This is unacceptable. 

Hagia Sophia is a former Orthodox patriarchal basilica which served as the seat of the Patriarchate of Constantinople. When the Ottomans conquered Constantinople, it was converted into a mosque but was eventually opened as a museum on February 1, 1935. We have already delivered over 25,000 signatures to UNESCO against the proposed status change. Sign this petition asking the International Religious Freedom Caucus in Congress to issue a statement against the creeping conversion of Hagia Sophia into a mosque. 

1. Learn more and read the articles: Stand up for Hagia Sophia.

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3824 5.9 years ago Sophia Catsambi New Haven, , US
3823 5.9 years ago Anonymous Athens, , GR
3822 5.9 years ago Anonymous Limassol, , CY
3821 5.9 years ago Michael Romanos Cincinnati, , US
3820 5.9 years ago Anonymous Warszawa, PL
3819 5.9 years ago Anonymous New York, , US
3818 5.9 years ago Eudoxia Roufakis Brooklyn, , US Sacred and historical roots that should be respected.
3817 5.9 years ago Anonymous Athens , , GR
3816 5.9 years ago John Zolidis Southampton, , US
3815 5.9 years ago Anonymous Glendale, , US
3814 5.9 years ago Maria Thomadakis Mississauga, CA
3813 5.9 years ago Sofia Gemmrigheim, , DE Nicht umsonst wurde entschieden, dass Hagia Sophia als Museumsstätte die Zeit überdauern sollte!

What does this country want to achieve...
3812 5.9 years ago Jean Zocrafos Adelaide , AU This is extremely offensive to me , to see our beautiful Hagia Sophia turned into a mosque, just to SHOW the rest of us, THEY CAN DO ANYTHING THEY LIKE , and the rest of the world cannot do ANYTHING...
3811 5.9 years ago Eftihia Ioannidis Markham, CA
3810 5.9 years ago Thomas Georgiades Queens, , US
3809 5.9 years ago MAGDA KOLLIOPOULOU ANTWERPEN, BE Christian Churches must be used by Christians as Churches to pray. Every religion has thei places to and respect for each other is a must.
3808 5.9 years ago Geronymos Alexis Courbevoie , FR Leave Aghia Sophia like a museum. It is the better thing for all religions and for the mutual respect.
3807 5.9 years ago Paraskevi Ota Osaka, , JP
3806 5.9 years ago Athina Rehse Mainz, , DE
3805 5.9 years ago Eva Kristin Nergard Oslo, NO Respect Agia Sofia
3804 5.9 years ago Anonymous Melbourne, AU We should respect Agia Sofia's original purpose. Disgusting behaviour by a barbarian nation.
3803 5.9 years ago Anna Michailidis Brisbane , , AU Deontology.
3802 5.9 years ago Eleni Bouzidis Mt Lawley, AU Its an insult to Christians and freedom minded people everywhere. You deny the continuing Orthodox Church to use it as a place of prayer- their cultural heritage - and use it themselves.
3801 5.9 years ago Anna Triantafillou Montreal, , CA
3800 5.9 years ago Chris Papageorgiou Clovis, , US
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