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Fight for Religious Freedom!

Keep up the pressure on Turkey to reopen Halki Seminary

Turkish President Erdogan is set to visit Washington, D.C. next week and will meet with Vice-President Biden. On March 25, 2012, Erdogan met with President Obama and told him that he planned on reopening the long-shuttered Halki Theological Seminary in Turkey. 

Four years later, Halki Seminar remains closed by the Turkish government. 

Sign this petition asking the administration to raise the issue of Halki Seminary with Erdogan. We'll deliver your signatures to the White House before the Erdogan meeting. 

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4214 5.4 years ago Emmanuel Manos , US Embarrassment and shame on Erdogan.
4213 5.4 years ago Andrew Taylor , US Thank you for your concern,Mr.President.
4212 5.4 years ago anonymous anonymous GR
4211 5.4 years ago Kostas Maroudas ZA Turkey may want to join the European Union however disregards the principle of freedom of religion.Honour your word Erdogan.
4210 5.5 years ago Anastasia Stylianou Stylianou , GB
4209 5.5 years ago Cynthia Spears , US
4208 5.5 years ago Peter Strouzas , US
4207 5.5 years ago cindy hatzikontos , US Best of Luck!
4206 5.5 years ago Andy Kaknes , US
4205 5.5 years ago Costas Kitis , GB
4204 5.5 years ago Anonymous SY i AM WITH religious freedom:

4203 5.5 years ago ΧΡΙΣΤΙΝΑ ΜΑΥΡΟΥΔΗ , GR
4202 5.5 years ago Patrick Doyle , US Keep up the good fight
4201 5.5 years ago Anonymous , US I am with you all the way.
4200 5.5 years ago Sophia Drossopoulou GB Minorities' rights have to be protected in _all_ countries.
4199 5.5 years ago Christina Tzouras , US
4198 5.5 years ago ioannis dritsas , GR god luck to all of us
4197 5.5 years ago Janet Cavis CA Congratulations and good luck.!!!
4196 5.5 years ago Anonymous , GR
4195 5.5 years ago Fani Arethas , US
4194 5.5 years ago Georgios Chadzopoulos , GR Effectiveness of the present initiative:Limited expectations.
4193 5.5 years ago OTHON PAPADOPOULOS GR
4192 5.5 years ago George Xentes GR
4191 5.5 years ago Anonymous GR
4190 5.5 years ago Nikos Mitsas GR
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