Ask the U.S. government to continue to stand with Greece as it seeks renegotiation of its debt deal

As Greece's new government seeks to renegotiate the terms of its debt deal with European leaders, it becomes more important than ever for leaders around the world to stand with Greece as it seeks out a fairer deal. 

The United States has already expressed its preference for a new growth strategy for Greece. Sign on to our letter asking that President Barack Obama continue to express solidarity with Greece and with Greeks who have suffered too much as a result of an unreasonably austerity-heavy European policy toward Greece.

We will personally deliver your signatures to the White House and to administration officials.  

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13157 7.1 years ago Spyros Lymbouris CY I support Greece in the struggle for economic and political equality.
13156 7.1 years ago Andreiani NICOLAOU , FR
13155 7.1 years ago Peter Gregory , AU The suffering of a large number of Greeks and the ongoing
Unjust and flawed economic policy of austerity for such a long time does not benefit ,Greece Europe generally or the rest of the world i...
13154 7.1 years ago Anonymous CA When the world needed Greece, Greece was there ! now Greece needs help from the World !!
13152 7.1 years ago Andrew Kampiziones , US The whole world owes a great debt of gratitude to Greece for her sacrifice in war and peace, as well as, has what she haw offered throughout the centuries in civilization. It is time that the whol...
13151 7.2 years ago Paulos Euthymiou , GR Dear Sirs,
Please, continue supporting my country Greece!!!
13150 7.2 years ago christos keratzedes , US please help greece
13149 7.2 years ago Jairo Pagan , US Fiscal responsibility is the goal, however drastically forcing people to live well below their means is unacceptable.
13148 7.2 years ago William Tsakalios , US
13147 7.2 years ago Nicole t'Hart NZ
13146 7.2 years ago Georgia Kazantzidu AT
13145 7.2 years ago John Ioannou GB Please Mr President they belong to Greece.
I believe you are the only man on this planet
That can do it.
Please help Greece, Greece needs help.
Thank you Sir.
13144 7.2 years ago Carolyn Papapatera , NZ
13143 7.2 years ago IRAKLIS MOLOSIS GR
13142 7.2 years ago Peggy mantis , US
13141 7.2 years ago Niki Saltas , US
13140 7.2 years ago stergios kaloudis GR Greece needs urgently the support of USA, in order to bring back thw Growth instead of the Austerity!
13139 7.2 years ago Effie Charalampaki , GR
13138 7.2 years ago Panagiota Zouganeli , GR
13137 7.2 years ago Christos Moulis , US
13136 7.2 years ago MARIA DEMETRIOU GB May God bless and protect all the people of Greec.
13135 7.2 years ago stergios kaloudis GR In Greece we need urgently yor support! A stable and prosperouw Greece is important for global and U.S economies and for our nation' s strategic interests.
Thaniking you in advance!
13134 7.2 years ago Erez Braun , GR
13133 7.2 years ago angelo philippopoulos , GR renegotiate debt.
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