Say NO to converting Hagia Sophia into a mosque

There's a real movement in Turkey to convert the historic Hagia Sophia into a mosque. A commission in Turkish parliament is considering an application by citizens to turn the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul into a mosque, a bill has been introduced in parliament to restore Hagia Sophia to a "symbol of the Conquest of Istanbul" and last November, Turkey's deputy prime minister promised that the building would be "smiling" again as a mosque soon.

This is unacceptable. 

Hagia Sophia is a former Orthodox patriarchal basilica which served as the seat of the Patriarchate of Constantinople. When the Ottomans conquered Constantinople, it was converted into a mosque but was eventually opened as a museum on February 1, 1935.
Please sign this petition to send a message to UNESCO, which has declared Hagia Sophia part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, that Hagia Sophia should remain open and accessible to all. 


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30355 10 months ago Peter Economis AU
30354 10 months ago Katherine Dimopoulos CA H Agia Sophia must remain a Christian church!
30353 10 months ago Dean Alonistiotis , US
30352 10 months ago Chris Nelson , US
30351 10 months ago Martha Kotso CA
30350 10 months ago Triantafillia Manolakas Crouse CA
30349 10 months ago Maria NOYSIA , GR
30348 10 months ago Shelley Kerr CA We should all respect each other's beginnings and important symbols
30347 10 months ago Sevy Goulielmos CA The attempt to erase the significance of Hagia Sophia for Orthodox Christians speaks volumes. An entirely new mosque can be built somewhere else.
30346 10 months ago Michael Rowat CA
30345 10 months ago Katerina Weber-Karyotaki JO Respect our religion and churches as we do for the muslims!
30344 10 months ago Kelley Goulielmos CA
30343 10 months ago Effe Pezoulas CA
30342 10 months ago Anonymous CA You have no right as it is not originally yours
30341 10 months ago Lolita Haroun LB Aya Sophia must be a Christian church
30340 10 months ago Anastasia Milopoulou GR
30339 10 months ago Anonymous , US
30338 10 months ago Connor Ward , US Hagia Sophia belongs to the Orthodox who built it, not the Turkish Mohammedans who stole and massacred those inside of the very basilica's walls. Return to the orthodox what is ours!
30337 10 months ago Deyvid Tanev CH
30336 10 months ago Anonymous , DE
30335 11 months ago Michael Dunaway , US If anything, it should be given back to the Christians. why do muslims steal everything?
30334 11 months ago Anonymous AU
30333 12 months ago Anonymous , US Let's turn it back into a curch !!!
30332 1 year ago Anonymous RO The church of God, it is belonging to the orthodox people
30331 1 year ago jill fox , US This building belongs to the world and has been supported and cared for by the world. It is just wrong to take it away! The Turkish Republic was established as a secular state by Kemal Mustafa Atatu...
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