Tell the State Department: Call it an "invasion"!

International law and foreign policy experts have consistently pointed to Turkey’s illegal invasion and continued occupation of Cyprus as the primary analogy for Russia’s actions in Ukraine. As Russia expert David Klion noted in The New Republic, Cyprus offers “the best historical analogy for Crimea,” pointing out that “[t]here are a lot of similarities between what Turkey did and what Russia is trying to do [in Ukraine]….we’ve seen it before in Cyprus.” 

Similarly, Alexcia Chambers, writing in the Diplomatic Courier,  explained that “this invasion was just a case of history repeating itself. A nearly identical scenario took place in Cyprus 40 years ago, and that event—like the division of Ukraine—has yet to find a resolution.”  In Law, Territory and Conflict Resolution, international law professors Matteo Nicolini, Francesco Palermo and Enrico Milano state plainly that when it comes to Russia’s invasion and occupation of Crimea, “the closest analogy is northern Cyprus.”

Yet the State Department refuses to call Turkey's 1974 actions an "invasion" and refuses to recognize the continuing "occupation" of Cyprus. 

Please sign our petition to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson asking that he and the State Department as a whole use the appropriate terms in referencing Turkey's invasion and occupation of Cyprus.