Bring the Olympics Back Home to Greece

The first modern Olympics were held in Athens in 1896. Since then, Greece has called for the Olympics to be permanently brought back home to Greece. 

Commentators have also repeatedly called for making Greece the permanent home of the summer Olympics, citing the corruption in the host city bidding process and the cost to cities to host the Olympics. Read what they're saying here.

As Paul Glastris wrote in The Washington Monthly this summer, "The problem is that hosting the Olympic games in a different city every year is unnecessary and, as a matter of basic management, moronic. For one thing, it’s incredibly expensive. [...] Shifting the games every four years is also a colossal waste of human capital..."

There are many options that have been proposed, from having Greece be one of a set of permanent homes for the Olympics to having the Olympics in Greece with a different city taking on hosting responsibilities each time. Whatever the idea may be, it's clear that the current bidding and hosting process is broken, and that bringing the Olympics back home to Greece can and should be part of the solution. 

Please sign our letter to the International Olympic Committee calling on it to explore bringing the Olympics back home to Greece. 

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4679 3 days ago John Marmarinos AU The Greeks started the event. They should be allowed to capitalise on it. Greece has the venues and the ability to stage it. Bring back the games to Greece. It is Greek.
4678 4 weeks ago Michael Penzikis , AU
4677 1 month ago Derek Boosey US Derek C Boosey • a day ago

The German state of North Rhine –Westphalia has spent considerable thinking time ‘out of the box’ and working time on an interesting idea.

Howeve civilization, mainland Greece\'s (and Europe\'s) first major civilization,
dominated the Peloponnese in the Bronze Age from its stronghold at Mycenae in
the north-east of the peninsula.
In 2016, Lonely Planet voted the Peloponnese the top spot of their Best in Europe list

“IOC needs to figure out ways to make the Games a more interesting preposition to bidding countries. Honestly, after Rio, for the foreseeable future I can see only first world nations having a serious shot to host them. We already have Tokyo, Paris and LA. More cities like these with established economies and infrastructure will have a real chance to host.”

Why should only wealthy economic countries be capable to bid for the Olympic Games? That is one of the reasons I’m suggesting that the Olympics have a permanent home, so that all countries –about 200 of them get to bid for “THEME HOSTING “of THE Olympics.

My suggestion would be to have countries bid to “theme host” the Games near Olympia with the IOC and Greece.To explain further, let me use an example - India. Assume that India is chosen to “theme host” the 2028 inaugural new home Olympic Games. India could be responsible for the Opening and Closing Ceremony. You\'d have many years to prepare in India and then could move the cast of people and equipment to Olympia in time for some rehearsals in the Olympic Stadium and then the historic Opening and later the Closing Ceremony.

They should also be allocated a sufficient number of positions in each of the different organizational divisions in Olympia from 2028 to 2032 which will provide a learning experience which goes with hosting the Games.

The Olympic Torch would be lit in Olympia and then flown to New Delhi. Following an extravagant ceremony the Torch could then be carried by tens of thousands of runners, walkers and wheelchair users to every corner of India over several months. Then the Torch would be flown back to the Peloponnese peninsula, and run through the nine cities, or maybe ten by 2028, before finally entering the new Olympic Stadium during the Opening Ceremony

Will somebody who personally knows Mr. Evangelos Marinakis please pass this on to him directly.
Thank you

Derek Boosey
Minutiaepedia Derek C Boosey • an hour ago

Haha wow are people going to read all that!? Oye vey
Even mentioning Greece as the location is just a pure joke and if there are still rich Greek Businesssmen there then they should bail out the country and citizens not build an Olympic Village.
I do however think there should be a fully equipped Olympic Village on each continent or even to as many cities/countries that want one in addition to each continent and then have the Games rotate around the globe but not rely on a location building out a new one each time.
Eventually a stadium/venues could also be built on barges and moved to each location they have already built a couple very large projects on moveable barges.
Oh an Olympic Torch run from Greece to India and back!? WTF are you talking about LOL that makes less sense than your entire 100 page post just sayin\'

Derek C Boosey Minutiaepedia • 15 minutes ago

Dear Minutiaepedia,
Thank you for reading some of it, as from some of your \'flowery comments\' you could not have read the \'trial of my comments\'. As I\'m sure you will agree it is difficult to explain all the reasons why the Olympic Games needs a permanent home in just a few sentences. I\'m being an opportunist using this medium to reach the relevant decision makers in the IOC. However, I do not think they read any of this, so I will now make this the last comment on this subject. If the IOC wish to communicate with me on this subject, they know how to reach me.
As a matter of interest when I was the Chief Operations Director of the 12th: Commonwealth Games in 1982. The Relay baton was flown from London and run all over Australia which is a continent. The current Commonwealth relay is much bigger than the 1982 relay and has just reached the West Indies after going through Africa. It is expected to arrive early next year in Australia and then run around Queensland before arriving at the Opening of the Games in the Gold Coast in April 2018.Regards the relay - Greece to India. It would be flown from Greece to New Delhi and then move about India for a few months and then flown back to Greece. The purpose for this is to make the people of India become aware of the Olympic Movement as they would be the "theme host\' for the 2032 Games. This of course is just an example.

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4676 1 month ago Erick Pitsikalis HN Summer Olympic Games should be held in their birthplace always!...more cost effective and practical.
4675 1 month ago Stefanos Daskalakis , US Even if Greece hosts the Olympics every year, other countries can still have the honor of staging the Opening ceremonies. Just the way host cities are decided now, "Opening Ceremony" cities can be ...
4674 1 month ago katerina daifoti DE
4673 2 months ago James Wattley Carras , US
4672 2 months ago Anonymous US
4671 3 months ago Jason Vergados , US
4670 3 months ago Andreas Yanniotis , US
4669 3 months ago Anonymous CA
4668 4 months ago Kyriakos Kouveliotis GR
4667 4 months ago Derek Boosey US Give the ‘2024 Games’ to Los Angeles who has proved in 1984 that it could have a financially successful Olympic Games and ensure with the USA Federal government and President Trump that they will be...
4666 4 months ago Lamros Alexakis , US
4665 4 months ago Ollie Karidis , AU
4664 4 months ago Matthew Skiba US Hello friends, you should sign this too
4663 4 months ago Matthew Skiba US
4662 4 months ago Anonymous AU
4661 4 months ago Petros Pruim , AU The concept of the games returning to their birthplace, in a dedicated home with facilities that are maintained to the highest standards, and where individual nations can build and maintain their ow...
4660 5 months ago Deb Lovoulos US Why?
Why not....
It's History, tradition.
It's central location is perfect!!
Prevent another "Athens" or "Rio"....the expense is so great for host city after host city to spend.
4659 5 months ago Kosta Tasoulis , US
4658 5 months ago Avinash Minhas , US
4657 5 months ago Peter Moulinos US Given that more and more countries are not interested in hosting the Olympics, returning them to a permanent home in Athens is in the best interests of the games.
4656 5 months ago Melvin Walcott US It would improve the Olympic experience for every one, world wide
4655 5 months ago John Chatzipaschalis GR
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