Hagia Sophia Call for hearing action

Hagia Sophia is a museum and a World Heritage Site open to all and appreciated for its stunning architecture and its history, including its history as a Byzantine era basilica. However, there is a growing movement in Turkey to convert Hagia Sophia into a mosque. Not only are certain politicians trying to pass a bill to convert Hagia Sophia, but this year, daily prayers were read during Ramadan. 

Ask the Chairs of the International Religious Freedom Caucus and the Congressional Hellenic Israel Alliance to hold a hearing on Hagia Sophia...the more attention we bring to this "creeping conversion" of Hagia Sophia, the more likely it will be that we will succeed in protecting and preserving this historic site. 


1. Learn more and read the articles: Stand up for Hagia Sophia.

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12 4 months ago Kyrillos München, ot , DE
11 6 months ago Anonymous MI , US Respect Christianity

What ever achieved through conquest is not legitimate
10 9 months ago Yani Müllheim, ot , DE
9 10 months ago William Indianapolis, IN , US
8 10 months ago Susan Akron, OH , US
7 10 months ago Peter Flood Gothenburg, OH , SE Erdogan and his radical Islamist agenda must be stopped.
6 11 months ago roy ot , GB
5 11 months ago Sally Chewelah, WA , US A monument of this magnitude must be preserved for the ages. It's historic importance should be larger than the prevailing winds of the time.
4 1 year ago Anonymous nicosia, ot , CY
3 1 year ago Vanna Dandenong North, AU Muslims have no respect for any other religion or Western Institutions.
Turkey should be expelled from the EU council.
There should be a focused effort from all over Europe - and other willi...
2 1 year ago Anonymous Hannover , GA , DE