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Keep up the pressure on Turkey to reopen Halki Seminary

Turkish President Erdogan is set to visit Washington, D.C. next week and will meet with Vice-President Biden. On March 25, 2012, Erdogan met with President Obama and told him that he planned on reopening the long-shuttered Halki Theological Seminary in Turkey. 

Four years later, Halki Seminar remains closed by the Turkish government. 

Sign this petition asking the administration to raise the issue of Halki Seminary with Erdogan. We'll deliver your signatures to the White House before the Erdogan meeting. 

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4239 8 months ago Maria KOKKINOU GR
4238 4 years ago Petros Charalampopoulos , US
4237 4.9 years ago George Manolopoulos , US
4236 5 years ago Anonymous , US Turkish Government my Family The Adamantidis Turkey. Where Our Money Owner Us
4235 5 years ago Athanasios Soyler CA It is only the right think to do.
4234 5 years ago Constantina Karageorge , US
4233 5.1 years ago Anonymous RU Turkey why u want war?
4232 5.1 years ago Constantine Boardman Katsoudas , US
4231 5.2 years ago Philipp Dines , US Opening the Halki school is commensurate with religious freedom in a civilized state. This must be done immediately.
4230 5.2 years ago George Manolopoulos , US
4229 5.2 years ago Alexandra Petrohilos , US
4228 5.2 years ago Agnes Davliakos , US
4227 5.2 years ago fotios plakogiannis , US
4226 5.2 years ago Helen Digenis , US
4225 5.2 years ago Maria Gournelos , US
4224 5.2 years ago Iro Plakogiannis , US
4223 5.2 years ago Vaia Dompa GR
4222 5.2 years ago Ioannis Politopoulos , GR
4221 5.3 years ago dimitrios cassimos , GR
4220 5.3 years ago Anonymous , AU
4219 5.3 years ago Anonymous GB
4218 5.3 years ago Sofia Xenidis , BE
4217 5.3 years ago Sofia Xenidis , BE
4216 5.3 years ago John Carlo Navera PH World Orthodoxy supports the Ecumenical Patriarchate.
4215 5.3 years ago Olga Kostoglou , AU How sad for the Turkisk Government and the Turkish people with what has been allowed to happen in Halki! Has the Turkish Government forgotten Ataturk's tribute to the Anzac's that demonstrates solid
Why can\'t the Turkisk Government follow in the footsteps of their extraordinary and immortal hero, leader and peacemaker Ataturk and "look to the world with an open heart full of pure feelings and friendship" and allow the Seminary in Halki to reopen and allow all of us mothers who would like to send our children to "faraway countries" to study, to "wipe away our tears" too and allow our sons and daughters to coexist and practice their faith freely on their soil. If, as it is claimed, there is actually no difference between the "Johnnies and the Mehmets", and Turkey is indeed "a friendly country", as it was claimed, then I don\'t understand what it is that the Turkish Government is fearful of!'); return false;">...
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