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End Turkish incursions into Greek airspace

Tell Turkey: Stop invading Greek airspace

After Turkey shot down a Russian jet in November 2015, many commentators pointed out Turkey's hypocritical position on respecting airspace; after all, Turkish airspace incursions over Greece are a frequent event. In fact, according to the latest data of the Hellenic National Defense General Staff, since 2011, more than 7000 aircrafts have been increasingly violating Greek sovereignty in the Aegean. Specifically: 3545 Infringements of Air Traffic Regulations, 6421 Violations of National Air Space and 64 Overflights of National Territory. As HALC's Senior Fellow Nikos Katsimpras has explained, "these numbers include 878 armed formations, which brings the significance of threat to a whole another level."

Join us in calling on Turkey to stop its hypocrisy and to stop its incursions into Greece's airspace. Sign our letter asking Secretary of State John Kerry to demand that Turkey end its provocative acts. 

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6079 4 months ago Miles Clark Remove kebab from Greek airspace!
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6068 6 months ago Nicholaos Floros Stop all Turkish incursions over Greece's airspace.. Also, to
decisively end Turkish occupation of Cyprus..
6067 6 months ago Andreas Constantinou
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6064 7 months ago Charidimos Argyris Turkey is a bad neighbor for Greece.
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