Say NO to converting Hagia Sophia into a mosque

There's a real movement in Turkey to convert the historic Hagia Sophia into a mosque. A commission in Turkish parliament is considering an application by citizens to turn the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul into a mosque, a bill has been introduced in parliament to restore Hagia Sophia to a "symbol of the Conquest of Istanbul" and last November, Turkey's deputy prime minister promised that the building would be "smiling" again as a mosque soon.

This is unacceptable. 

Hagia Sophia is a former Orthodox patriarchal basilica which served as the seat of the Patriarchate of Constantinople. When the Ottomans conquered Constantinople, it was converted into a mosque but was eventually opened as a museum on February 1, 1935.
Please sign this petition to send a message to UNESCO, which has declared Hagia Sophia part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, that Hagia Sophia should remain open and accessible to all. 


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30321 2 weeks ago Lucian Popescu RO This would be a second rape of Hagia Sophia
30320 1 month ago Maksim Kruglov , US Please stop Turkey from converting Christian Temples into mosque
30319 3 months ago Lok Chi Pang HK The Hagia Sophia is a CHURCH and will always remain so in the hearts of all believers of the one and only true faith of Jesus Christ
30318 3 months ago Anonymous GB Return this ancient site back to the church to be a place of Christian worship.
30317 5 months ago Foteini Kambani GR Dont stop
30316 5 months ago Anonymous , US This is the most important church in the world.
30315 7 months ago Hunter Granzin , US The Hagia Sophia was constructed as a cathedral, and should be restored as the seat of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, but at least keep it as a museum bearing witness to its rich his...
30314 7 months ago Tessa Frazier , US This site should be open to admirers of all religions!!! It should be a museum. Please do not destroy the beautiful history captured in Hagia Sophia!
30313 7 months ago Michael Chua , US The Hagia Sophia should not be converted to a mosque! The Christians were the people that BUILT it and prayed for centuries. I would say to make it back to a Christian Church or just let it stay as ...
30312 8 months ago Aidan Marmion LT If it has to be converted to a place of worship then it should become a christian church.
30311 8 months ago Frédéric PORLIER FR
30310 10 months ago Anonymous , US
30309 10 months ago Anonymous , US
30308 11 months ago Andreas Stephanou AU
30307 12 months ago James Vogiatzakis AU I dare them to try, it will be like signing their own death warrant.
30306 1 year ago Anonymous , US Turks are worthless race! Go back to Urghur your mother land. You are not welcome to Europe and soon you will be kicked out of Minor Asia.
30305 1 year ago James Frangos , AF
30304 1 year ago Mark Mikhael AU A christian cathedral for Gods people. All welcome so long as they respect their host and its history as a Church.
30303 1 year ago Jessica Spencer , US
30302 1 year ago Dr. Arundhati Chandini Arjun IN This is unacceptable and must be stopped at all costs.
30301 1 year ago Andreas Demetriou CY
30300 1 year ago Marine Johanson , US
30299 1 year ago Anonymous , US
30298 1 year ago Sue Robbins , US
30297 1 year ago Sue Robbins , US
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