Say NO to converting Hagia Sophia into a mosque

There's a real movement in Turkey to convert the historic Hagia Sophia into a mosque. A commission in Turkish parliament is considering an application by citizens to turn the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul into a mosque, a bill has been introduced in parliament to restore Hagia Sophia to a "symbol of the Conquest of Istanbul" and last November, Turkey's deputy prime minister promised that the building would be "smiling" again as a mosque soon.

This is unacceptable. 

Hagia Sophia is a former Orthodox patriarchal basilica which served as the seat of the Patriarchate of Constantinople. When the Ottomans conquered Constantinople, it was converted into a mosque but was eventually opened as a museum on February 1, 1935.
Please sign this petition to send a message to UNESCO, which has declared Hagia Sophia part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, that Hagia Sophia should remain open and accessible to all. 


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29804 8 hours ago Anonymous US Hagia Sophia belongs to the entire world, not one group of people. The Turks don't seem to realize just how much of their culture is derived from the Roman/Byzantine civilizations that preceded them.
29803 1 day ago Matthew Coates US The Hagia Sophia has far more value as a historical sight open to the people of the world then as a building intended only for some.
29802 3 days ago Tamsin Thomas GB
29801 3 days ago Justin McElhaney US Hagia was built as a church and stood as a church for a thousand years before the Ottomans captured the city.The Ottomans only renovated 10% mainly the roof to make it a Mosque.It is 1 of the oldest...
29800 3 days ago Anonymous AU Hagia Sophia was and always will be for the One True God of Christianity. May his wisdom and providence guide us to restore this archetypal icon of the faith to a beacon of Orthodoxy. It is sacrileg...
29799 4 days ago Anonymous US
29798 4 days ago josé oliveira BR Antes de ser mesquita era igreja, potanto os cristãos têm prioridade se ela voltar a ser um templo religioso.
29797 5 days ago James Kindred US What if other countries started turning mosques into churches? As a museum, as the Hagia Sophia now stands, it can be enjoyed by all for its historic value. I visited the museum in 1987 and was en...
29796 5 days ago Dimitrous Callian US If not a church, then it must be kept as a museum for the world. If the Turks turn this into a monument of the conquest, it will only harden the hearts of Orthodox Christians everywhere to return ou...
29795 5 days ago Terence Maw GB It is imperative that the building remains a museum so that all faiths can visit it and enjoy the architecture
29794 5 days ago Evangelia Rompotis` , AU Definitely NOT!!!!! It should be restored to it's former glory as a Greek Orthodox church like it was !!
It is unacceptable that they turned it in a museum, but a mosque definitely not !!
29792 6 days ago dimitri AU
29791 6 days ago Anonymous US
29790 6 days ago Anonymous NL its must protect. if this historical plase change ,so what is the job of unesco .pleasr you must protect
i also with you
eritrean ortodox tewahedo church,alexandirya,constantinople,jerusalem...
29789 6 days ago Joe Ayoub US
29788 6 days ago Derek Stubbs AU Time to make a stand an stop loosing valuable history to a few.
29787 6 days ago Steven Shelton US
29786 6 days ago Anonymous US
29785 6 days ago ΙΟΑΝΝΙS PREVENAS GR Hagia Sophia was build from GREEK.
29784 6 days ago greg file US
29783 6 days ago Misag Paraghamian , US
29782 7 days ago Arthur Smith AU I have visited the wonderful building and firmly believe it should remain a secular museum.I have nothing against Islam, but it was not built as a mosque.
29781 1 week ago Xen Serghi GB
29780 1 week ago BILL CHATZIDIS GR
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